Thursday, August 17, 2017

Photo gig - Wedding July 2017

It's been several years now but I used to take wedding photos professionally. I started moving up in my career and didn't have as much time to dedicate several weekends a year. I really missed it but I was ok with not doing it anymore. Then my aunt reached out to me and asked me to photograph her daughter's wedding. I jumped at the opportunity.

For my cousin Cecila and Cody's wedding I walked, ran, jumped and squatted to get those perfect shots. I was seriously sore for a few days afterward but they're never forget what they're day was like. I personally feel accomplished for it. I loved being part of the day and to capture the "moments" the couple may or may not know they're doing. It's like the money shot. It was my drive and I do whatever it takes to get capture that moment.

These two made my job easy. For one, I know them very well and they were comfortable with me. They were so at ease it was like I wasn't even there. Which is exactly how you want to be as a photographer. You want to blend in the background.

I appreciate them asking me to shoot their wedding as it made me feel how much I miss doing wedding photography.

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