Monday, January 15, 2018

Julia Cameron - The Artist Way - Start doing this today!

 The Artist Way

Inspiring article in the latest Flow magazine about Julia Cameron. Very interesting into the background of the woman who's book lead a lot of people to unblock their creativity. I'm sure anyone who is an artist or has had an interest in anything creative has picked up "The Artist Way". I read this book back in college. My father gave it to me for Christmas and have been referencing it ever since. 

This article is a reminder of how to unblock your creativity a little each day. Some great takeaways are as follows:

  • Write at least 3 pages every morning right when you wake up. Allow no interference
  • Go on walk for at least 30 mins 
  • Go back to writing or drawing 
Try this as an exercise every day for at least 6 weeks. Let me know what happens. Perhaps start a blog and talk about your new discoveries. 

Keep me posted and good luck! 

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